Are radiometric dating methods reliable

13-May-2020 15:01

It gets even better: radioactive decay rates have been I am a former atheist and evolutionist during my college days; came to faith in Christ at the age of 20; regard my pro-creation activities as part of the work of the kingdom of God; believe that a very tough, strident and unapologetic stance against evolution is called for though I may soften my tone if and when Mark Armitage and David Coppedge, fired for their creationist beliefs, are given their jobs back.

Our understanding of the shape and pattern of the history of life depends on the accuracy of fossils and dating methods.

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I have noticed something curiously paradoxical when reading scholarly books by many anti-Darwinists.

I will go so far as to say that it is a monumentally flawed examination of creation-evolution issues which does not devote at least space to the issue of the pervasive discordant dating results of rocks and fossils using radiometric dating.

Stellar ages are measured through other methods. For stuff on earth, radiometric dating is the way to go! OK. Is radiometric dating the most reliable method?… continue reading »

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A thread called "How Reliable is Radiometric Dating?". Modern dating methodsedit Radiometric dating has been carried out since 1905 when it was invented.… continue reading »

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How Accurate is Radiometric Dating. radiometric dating methods used today to determine the age of rocks. These second types of radiometric dating.… continue reading »

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Radiometric Dating How Reliable Is It. And it is radiometric dating. yet radio-active dating methods provided ages that ranged from 100 million to 10,000.… continue reading »

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