Carbon dating of the turin shroud

02-Jan-2020 18:01

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He also wonders whether ancient weaving wouldn’t produce the changes in weave pattern and thread size to be seen in the C-14 sample.Nevertheless, he finds Rogers’ chemical work supporting the Benford-Marino theory to be very strong (Meacham, 208).Their paper, “Evidence for the Skewing of the C-14 Dating of the Shroud of Turin Due to Repairs,” was introduced at a conference in Italy in August, 2000, and soon was to receive strong support from an unlikely source. Ray Rogers was a renowned chemist and former STURP scientist who had made major contributions to understanding the images on the Shroud.He also was weary of Christians involved in Shroud science, believing that they were prone to want to see “miracles” where science could find natural explanations.In it they quoted the owner of a textile repair business, Mr.Michael Ehrlich, stating that “French Weaving [a textile repair practiced in Late Medieval and Renaissance periods] involves a tedious thread-by-thread restoration that is undetectable” and therefore invisible from both sides (Benford and Marino, 2005:2).

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Valfre spent “many hours” in his work and specifically “..the edges of the cloth certain areas were unraveling …Joe Marino was an agnostic working as a government clerk in 1977 when he read of the work being done by the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) scientists.“It changed my life,” he admitted, and “brought me back to the Scriptures and prayer” (, and is an example of how an informed, persistent layman can make a major contribution.With “95% confidence,” the three C-14 labs concluded that the cloth was manufactured between 12, over a thousand years too late to have been Christ’s burial shroud (Damon, 194).

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However, those who had followed closely Shroud research in the 20th century realized there were too many reasons from science, history, art history and medicine to accept those results at face value.

Skeptical as many were of the 1988 C-14 results, Marino and co-researcher M. From pictures of the C-14 samples they found differences in thread size and weave patterns.

Carbon-14 dating Carbon-14 dating. method of age determination that depends upon the decay to nitrogen of radiocarbon carbon-14. Carbon-14 is.… continue reading »

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