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She looks down at Twilight compassionately at first, but her eyes glow green as she casts a spell that drags Twilight down into the ground.

The queen sends her subjects to feed and sings a reprise of This Day Aria, distracting her long enough for Twilight to free Cadance.

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The passageway, formed more than 15,000 years ago during the last ice age, runs at least 200 metres long, six metres high, and about three metres wide.

Le Blanc and Caron said they were able to pinpoint the location of the passageway using a dowsing rod, similar to the wooden divination tools sometimes used to find groundwater.(Submitted by Société québécoise de spéléologie) The spectacular find is connected to Montreal's Saint-Léonard Cavern, which lies underneath Parc Pie XII, not far from Highway 40.

The main portion of the cavern has been open to members of the public for decades, but tour guides had no idea there had been a massive section hidden behind a limestone wall."The walls opened through the pressure of the glacier above …

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Russell confesses he hasn't dated since 1989 and Jess replies, "That was the year I learned to use the toaster by myself." Not so hot.This doesn't happen many times in a lifetime," said Luc Le Blanc, who found the passageway along with his friend Daniel Caron.The chamber is so deep that it reaches the aquifer.Kathleen Barr (English)Tanya Kahana (German)Niki Georgakakou (Greek)Timea Sagi (Hungarian)Marina Thovez (Italian)Kaori Nazuka (Japanese)Lee Seon (Korean)Joanna Węgrzynowska-Cybińska (Polish)Cecília Lemes (Brazilian Portuguese)Anca Sigmirean (Romanian)Darya Frolova (Russian)Irina Índigo (Latin American Spanish)When in disguise as Cadance: Lee Seon (Korean) Queen Chrysalis is a female changeling and the main antagonist of the season two finale, the season six finale, the IDW comics' first story arc, and Budge Studios' mobile game Harmony Quest.

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