Convalidating a marriage new age dating service

20-Apr-2020 01:14

A civil divorce simply undoes the legal marital obligations that the couple previously and lawfully agreed upon for life.

What the civil law nullifies does not have any effect to the sacramental bond that may have been means that until the other spouse dies they will always remain married even after divorce.

The good news is there is help available to try and your sacramental dilemma.

Though some of you were well aware of this, there were some who were shocked to find this out because no one, including their parents, mentioned this when they decided to get married outside of the Catholic Church.

If they convert to become Catholics (even if only one of them) they do not need to have their marriage convalidated.

This is not as complicated as it sounds when I discuss it with you personally.

It also nullifies your privilege to be a godparent for Baptism or be a Confirmation sponsor.

In some cases the Baptism of your child may be delayed to address your marriage situation.

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Your shepherd in Christ, Father Escalante February 16, 2014 .

Next week I will cover more information on convalidations and annulments.

Sacraments Ministries. to marry at Saint Ann should contact the Parish Office a year in advance so that they may complete the necessary marriage preparation process.… continue reading »

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