Dating anxiety scale

05-Mar-2020 14:23

At the start of the SFP participant details are requested (surname, forename, age and gender).

There then follows questions regarding how the child would feel about: Question 1 flashes up on the screen for five seconds: 'If you had to go to the dentist tomorrow to get some treatment, how would you feel?

Although alternative terminology was used (eg 'electric toothbrush') there was still a lack of understanding, thus this item was removed from the program.For test-retest purposes 100 of the children completed the SFP two weeks later.Results The SFP demonstrated good internal consistency (α = 0.8), test-retest reliability was good and significant correlations were found between the SFP and the other measures.Computer graphics offer interactive animations, which allow participants to control aspects of the visual display in a trial and error manner.

Some investigators have used computer-based questionnaires to see the effects of computer versus paper-and-pencil administration on different types of measures.Ideally, a scale should be: have recently developed the Modified Child Dental Anxiety Scale (MCDAS).This was designed to assess children's concerns about specific dental procedures, and includes items such as extraction and general anaesthesia.Subjects and method The SFP was completed by 464 children (mean age 10.8 years).

Mar 1, 2007. The Westside Test Anxiety Scale is a brief, ten item instrument designed to identify students with anxiety impairments who could benefit from an anxiety-reduction intervention. The scale items cover self-assessed anxiety impairment and cognitions which can impair performance. Correlations between.… continue reading »

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