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10-Jul-2020 23:13

“Mitch Mitchell” furiously banging his snare and crash.

The Princeton Reverb amp was already set at volume 6 with no more headroom left and could not go further without delivering too much distottion.

They have 2 or three 12AX7 tubes and a good one will have reverb.

These can cut through the guitar players at a jam, but may have to be miced. The best choices are: Fender Tweed Deluxe – This is way out of my price range. The ones from the early 60’s are the ones I like best.

This is where extension cabinets come in handy offering a better stage monitoring.

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The poor Princeton Reverb even had an upgrade 10″ speaker but still couldn’t cut through the mix.The whole day after we regretted not bringing a bigger amp, either a Vibrolux or Pro Reverb.Or perhaps a 1×12″ or 1×15″ extension cabinet We are the kind of people who like to feel the guitar in our pant legs.Modding collector amps will most likely ruin the amp’s value – in this case it’s more affordable to sell it and rather get the a player’s amp.

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