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So it's entirely a matter of judgement whether the area is urban enough and cohesive enough to be described as a town. The central part of the borough is unparished, so there are no parish or town councils, therefore there are no official towns.

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Over time, towns can merge or even overlap, because their borders are defined only in people's imaginations.

This article falls within the scope of Wiki Project UK geography, a user-group dedicated to building a comprehensive and quality guide to places in the United Kingdom on Wikipedia. So, before passing judgement on me, look up the facts from accurate sources. Maps don't generally show local government area names if they are not also the everyday names of settlements. The view of one editor does not change that fact, regardless of whether that editor is right or wrong.

If you wish to participate, share ideas or merely get tips you can join us at the project page where there are resources, to do lists and guidelines on how to write about settlements. For example, the borough of West Lancashire is not shown on most maps; and where it is shown, the borough of St Helens is also shown but distinguised from the settlement of that name. They are still the same as they were when created, and named. That's because it isn't, it's a 'civil parish', with a parish council, in a 'town' called Ashton in Makerfield, in a 'Metropolitan Borough' called St. There are many instances where a UK local authority area has the same name as a settlement but has different boundaries (including where the settlement boundaries are not formally defined but are clearly different in most people's understanding).

I'm not surprised at how many people in Wigan don't know where Wigan is. Helens don't actually know this" is because, over the decades, a significant number of people have begun to think of St Helens as the name of a built-up area, in addition to it being the name of the metropolitan borough within which it is situated.

Jemmy 92.2 (talk) , 22 June 2010 (UTC) Maybe the reason "many people in St.A very celebrated manufacture of crown, sheet, and plate glass, said to be the greatest in the world, is carried on. The chapelry is more extensive than the town, and was constituted in 1852. So when referring to these "Towns", are you accurately qualifying their status if they are in fact villages? Koncorde (talk) , 26 June 2010 (UTC) It says here that St Helens is the largest town not to have a football team in the top four divisions. It's a bit semantic but seems unfair for others to exclude tens of thousands of people who describe themselves as coming from St Helens, be it town or borough.There are also manufactures of flint glass, glass bottles, and watch movements; several very extensive chemical works; oil and grease works; copper works; iron and brass foundries; a brewery; and coarse earthenware potteries. Or scattered dwellings as part of a sub district of Prescot Parish (or Widnes Fee). Helens was a church, with a small few houses in it's vicinity, IN WINDLE. - Glennh70The population figures, and the distinction, are from the ONS and are official. A borough created by many towns, NOT a town in itself. You seem quite determined to push this, so given that you were spectacularly wrong with regards to our motto I'm going to take you on with this too. Helens article should be just the one, featuring the borough, because that's what St. A town is historically any settlement with a Charter. Helens has a Municipal charter also known as a Royal Charter. But, not good enough because the charter didn't say "Town"? Note how the council never use 'Metropolitan Borough' on their welcome signs as you enter the borough. What exactly did those four town become, if not St. This was further expanded in 1894.[3] Prior to this the "town" had its own Ecclesiastical Parish since 1716.[4]Furthermore, as cited once again in the article, the construction of the "Town Hall" (cited), and the holding of "Town Council"(cited) meetings in that "Town Hall" predate Victorias mandate (and all cited using Authors that lived at that time such as John Marius and T. Helens a Municipal Charter, creating a Municipal Borough officially handing control of all authority of outlier towns to St. The Municipal Corporations Act 1835 - if read - will clearly state the creation of a standardised Governmental system that specifically institutes a Town Council of Mayors, Aldermen and Councillors. Helens exists in its own right other than as an pre-existing "town" is ludicrous - and actually plays no part in defining the existence of St. I've only read the first line of your reply, so forgive me if I've missed something.

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