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09-Feb-2020 14:07

Instead of the scammer trying to ask for money directly, the ploy is that the girl behind the dating profile needs a translator to communicate with the Western man looking for a big love.

There are plenty of “ Responsibilities: Translation of correspondence Russian-English-Russian, assistance in writing interesting letters and communicating in chats.

Local tenants were also not prepared to accept special pilgrims.

It is actually rather sophisticated and reflects not just one scammer trying to make some money, but instead an organized and formal system with multiple participants operating on a large scale. The basic idea arose from the concept of mail order brides.

(Source: Wikipedia) This was an idea back in the early days of the Internet before formal dating sites.

Avoiding an online dating scam involves becoming resistant to emotional manipulation through a combination of rules of thumb and ingrained good sense. Learn more how recognize scammers in my articles: “Hi Krystyna, I am very glad to have found your blog.

As early as in 1968, a family of Profites from France went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, the place of appearance of the Virgin, separate from their parish community.

For example, the scammer might charge five dollars per email to supposedly cover the costs of translation.