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18-Feb-2020 11:21

That also means that as another planet – say, Jupiter or Saturn – orbits the Sun, eventually it will pass one or both of these planets in the sky as well. Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus had a lovely conjunction earlier this year, in March 2012 (though to be fair Venus and Jupiter were quite close, with Mercury being well below them in comparison).

The configuration claimed – Mercury – Venus – Saturn – happens relatively often as well. To be fair, the wording of the claim does sound like they’re saying this conjunction is much more rare. But even forgiving the inaccuracies of the picture, I find it very difficult to find this anything more than coincidence.

Let me be clear: while there be an event more-or-less like this in December, and it should be pretty and quite cool to see, the claims being made are somewhat exaggerated.

The picture itself isn’t real, and the planets won’t really look like that from Giza.

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But it’s more evidence that this event may not unfold exactly as claimed. Planets orbit the Sun, and we see them moving in the sky (the word planet translates as "wanderer" in the original Greek).

Because the pyramids overlap in the picture, the camera viewpoint is clearly close to being in line with them, making it more like south-by-southwest of the pyramids and facing north-by-northeast.

This doesn’t change my argument though: the planets would still be behind you!

First, this obviously cannot be an actual photo This must be a Photoshop job.

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That’s fine if it’s only to show what things are supposed to look like, and no one is claiming this is an actual photo. There are lots of other problems with this planetary alignment claim. The first thing I did when I saw this was ask: is there really going to be a close conjunction of three planets on December 3rd? Mercury, Venus, and Saturn will all be within a relatively small distance of each other in the sky on that date.Because planetary alignments and the pyramids play such a large role in New Age/astrological beliefs, there is clearly some sort of spiritual message implied here.Well, I hate to be a thricely-bursting-bubble person, but here we go again, again.There are various versions of this picture I’ve seen; most are like this with almost no explanation.

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