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CREATIONIST RESPONSES First are several suggestions for young earth creationists studying radiometric dating: (a) work within the scientific community and use caution when making scientific claims; (b) work toward a constructive alternative model, more than just attacking existing models; (c) address the big picture, more than scattered discrete pieces of data; (d) don’t expect quick “silver bullet” proofs for the Bible; and (e) origins activities are one-time events, so don’t expect any origins research to fit a purely naturalistic scientific model.

Using the current understanding of radiometric dating, it is difficult to fit the data into a one-year flood a few thousand years ago; however, creationists have given a number of responses that are here divided into eight categories: (1) The radiometric age data is bad.

Such large halos have been searched for, but no significant examples have been found.

(2) Many types of radioactive atoms are known, but all primordial ones have half-lives greater than 450 million years and none have half-lives less than that.

Of the many radioactive parent-daughter pairs of atoms, about half a dozen are used for age dating. (a) Carbon-14 methods can date organic material such as bones, wood, and shells directly.

Perhaps the biggest reason is because of evil: how long can I put off dying? We have a limited endurance for boredom or pain, so before the use of anesthesia, the best surgeons were the quickest.

If Bilbo couldn’t give the right answer, it would lead to grave consequences, so as Gollum was getting impatient, Bilbo tried to say, “Give me more time; give me more time.” However, he was so scared that all that came out of his mouth was “… So, why are people so interested in the topic of time? Humans have a limited lifespan to get things done, so we try to synchronize schedules in order not to waste time.

Tolkien’s, The Hobbit, Gollum gives a riddle to Bilbo: This thing all things devours: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays kings, ruins town, And beats high mountain down. This riddle exemplifies how time normally results in decay and destruction.

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In Bible times the Israelites complained that “The days are prolonged” (Eze ) and the saints under the altar pleaded, “How long, O Lord? Although some complain that the Lord delays His coming (Mt ; 2Pet 3:3,4,9), tribulations will be shortened or else none will be saved (Mt ).RADIOMETRIC DATING WORKS Geology observations about the relation between different rocks can give relative ages, but radiometric dating is the primary method for giving absolute ages. During a certain length of time called a half-life, half of the radioactive parent atoms in a sample decay to stable daughter atoms.The number of both parent and daughter atoms are measured and the higher the daughter/parent ratio, the older the sample.For example, loss or gain of parent or daughter atoms might be expected if the sample shows signs of mechanical breakdown, chemical weathering, or metamorphic high pressures and temperatures.