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26-Jul-2020 23:13

A Kentucky Family Court judge who refuses to hear adoption cases involving gays and lesbians will resign amid an ethics and misconduct inquiry. Mitchell Nance submitted a letter of resignation to Gov.Matt Bevin on Wednesday, saying he will retire on Dec. Todd Baugh, sentenced a former high-school teacher who’d pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old student.Giving the accused a suspended sentence plus 31 days, with credit for time served, Baugh remarked that the victim was “older than her chronological age,” and was “as much in control of the situation” as the teacher had been.They spoke about how it had affected their families.They told Nassar, and Judge Aquilina, about the depression, anxiety, and mental illness they’d suffered as a result of his abuse.

Washington County Judge Andrew Gonring, who ordered the placement of Olson outside of his county, chose not to hear a motion to grant a temporary restraining order that was requested by Eldorado town officials. Thursday in Gonring's courtroom to reconsider if Olson should be placed there at all.

The Confrontation Clause in the Sixth Amendment grants all Americans the right to face their accusers in court; Aquilina upended this, allowing all of Nassar’s accusers to give victim-impact statements, telling him, and the world, what he had done. In total, 156 women spoke about their experiences with Nassar.

When the list of women scheduled to speak was drawn up, it had 88 names. They talked about feeling horrified and disgusted by what happened in their appointments with the doctor, coupled with a sense of self-doubt about whether they were misinterpreting it at the time.

Fink has been leading a vocal crusade to halt the placement, saying he has no problem placing sex offenders back in Fond du Lac County if they are from the county, but he doesn't believe other counties should be sending sex offenders here because they don't have suitable locations of their own.

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Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney also sent a letter to Gonring on Tuesday, stating the judge's decision violates state statutes that govern placement of violent sex offenders, because, among other reasons, residents were not given proper notice to voice their concerns."He had proven he could not deliver the basic impartiality required by his office when it came to LGBTQ people and their families."Nance's attorneys, Bryan Beauman and Scott Miller of Lexington, wrote in a response to the commission that same-sex adoptions presented a "unique crisis of conscience" for Nance, who has a "sincerely held religious belief that the divinely created order of nature is that each human being has a male parent and a female parent."The attorneys said Nance thought he was doing the right thing by recusing himself from such cases and allowing other judges to hear them "to ensure a fair and impartial outcome."But they also conceded that Nance now acknowledges he shouldn't have created a blanket order without Supreme Court approval.Here's where you can meet singles in Davenport, Iowa.The groups argued his actions were eroding public confidence in the courts and showed he was failing to perform judicial duties impartially and diligently.