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A number of gay men were involved in New Zealand's even smaller literary subculture, including Frank Sargeson.

However even in these circles, homosexuality was not always accepted.

They brought with them the Christian doctrine that homosexuality was sinful.

Despite this, one missionary, William Yate, was sent back to England in disgrace after being caught engaging in sex with young Māori men.

The 2013 census did however record 16,660 people living in a same-sex couple in New Zealand - 7,340 male and 9,310 female.

Statistics New Zealand proposed adding questions on sexual orientation and gender identity in the 2018 census.

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In modern New Zealand, a common label adopted by LGBT Māori is takatāpui, a term that has been revived from pre-European times and popularised since the Homosexual Law Reform Act in 1986.When New Zealand became a British colony in 1840, British law was adopted in its entirety, making sex between males illegal and a capital offence.In 1893, all kinds of sexual activity between men was criminalised, with penalties including imprisonment, hard labour, and flogging. Despite discriminatory laws, a small gay subculture developed.Lesbian subcultures are more difficult to detect, but in late 1971, the KG (Kamp Girls) club for lesbians was formed in Auckland.

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Violence against gays and lesbians was often condoned.Since 2005 several more openly LGBT MPs have been elected, including for both the major parties.There have also been other openly gay government ministers including the World's and New Zealand's first openly gay Attorney General Chris Finlayson, National.Two years later, it established a legal subcommittee out of which the Homosexual Law Reform Society emerged.

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