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20-May-2020 18:25

The Direct Current (DC) motor is powered by a sequence of electrical impulses originated at the telescope's electronics board.

In a perfect mount, the impulses frequency should be constant.

This operation ensures that the magnet position has been detected, therefore allowing the electronics board to synchronize with the mechanical components of the mount.

Meade decided that each worm cycle is sub-divided in 200 consecutive intervals of equal duration.

In this way, the micro-controller detects a reference position on the worm shaft.

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In practice, the frequency must vary due to the following constraints : the worm shaft includes a magnet that is detected by a sensor.As already mentioned, an optical encoder provides the position of the motor shaft.The actual encoder design is quite sophisticated, but for our purposes it may be assimilated to the system described in the following figure : The disk includes 360 holes, allowing to measure the motor shaft position with an angular resolution of 1 degree.It takes 60 motor revolutions to complete one worm's shaft revolution.

In other words, the gears box provides a 60:1 angular speed reduction.

The motor shaft acts on the gears box, which in turn drives the worm/wheel mechanism.

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