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02-Feb-2020 00:41

It is also Arch Linux's default implementation of My SQL.To install USE [master] GO -- Very basic DB creation CREATE DATABASE [REDMINE] GO -- Creation of a login with SQL Server login/password authentication and no password expiration policy CREATE LOGIN [REDMINE] WITH PASSWORD=N'redminepassword', DEFAULT_DATABASE=[REDMINE], CHECK_EXPIRATION=OFF, CHECK_POLICY=OFF GO -- User creation using previously created login authentication USE [REDMINE] GO CREATE USER [REDMINE] FOR LOGIN [REDMINE] GO -- User permissions set via roles EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_datareader', N'REDMINE' GO EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_datawriter', N'REDMINE' GO And then edit this file in order to configure your database settings for "production" environment (you can configure for the "development" and "test" environments too, just change the appropriate sections).Warning: If you use RVM, pay attention to the single and multiple user differences!

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It includes a calendar and Gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines.Example for Maria DB and My SQL database: production: adapter: mysql2 database: redmine host: localhost port: 3307 #If your server is not running on the standard port (3306), set it here, otherwise this line is unnecessary.username: redmine password: my_password production: adapter: sqlserver database: redmine host: localhost #Set not default host (localhost) here, otherwise this line is unnecessary.To do so execute the following: Redmine will prompt for the data set language that should be loaded; you can also define the REDMINE_LANG environment variable before running the command to a value which will be automatically and silently picked up by the task: Once WEBrick has started, point your browser to Use default administrator account to log in: admin/admin.

More information can be read at Redmine Repositories. If you need to load gems that are not required by Redmine. Updating. Backup the files used in Redmine… continue reading »

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This issue has happened many times to me, everytime I delete repository and recreate, redmine works for a long time even a couple of hours and rebuild it.… continue reading »

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Redmine_git_hosting - A ChiliProject/Redmine plugin which makes configuring your own git hosting easy.… continue reading »

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Configure automatic repository updating. New commits into your repository are not reflected in Easy Redmine unless they are fetched by the application.… continue reading »

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