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18-Jan-2020 12:05

I believed it for a LONG time before I began to recognize and question the pattern of abuse and the subsequent constant blame for the abuse, and worse, the ensuing mockery because I dared respond at all to having been hurt by it.

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They like to pretend that isn’t relevant, or anything they should ever be responsible for.Abusers do not take responsibility for their own actions, and in fact often blame the abused. I was abused by a NArrastic male who pretends to have Asbergers...When the abused person reacts to the abuse, the abuser calls that reaction abuse, and will use guilt to try to get the abused to feel responsible for the arguments or difficulties, as well as for the abuser’s actions. to trap unsuppecting women wit spouses who do have AS.It’s not at all unusual for a person in an abusive relationship to REACT abusively.

For more details contact [email protected] 16-25 year olds are the group most affected by relationship abuse Jewish young people are no d… continue reading »

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