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In the end, its much speculation and little facts so they go to Pen Donovan’s flat which is fairly nondescript.

He was one of many timeslip junk dealers and he wasn’t doing well by the looks of things.

Green, Strangefellows, Suzie Shooter, The Collector, The Unnatural Inquirer, Walker.

starts off with John wrapping up a case at the HP Lovecraft Memorial Library (hee) and running into two very dangerous people outside, Walker and Suzie Shooter.

Well, they have purchased what might possibly be a recording of the Afterlife, made by a mousy little man named Pen Donovan.

Only before they could get their hands on it, Donovan and his recording went missing. The catch is that he bring along demon (literally) girl reporter Bettie Divine.

John decides that he’s going to need a word with Walker and heads them both to the Londinium Club.

The last Doorman died in the the Lilith War but they have a new one, decked out in full Victorian chic.

John balks at this but they offer him a staggeringly good fee.

Now John doesn’t mind seeing Suzie since they’re an item and are, in fact, living together.

But it is never a good thing when Walker shows up and now is no exception.

They’ve tried to exorcise the place fourteen times to no avail but that means that only the stupid or desperate would willingly go there. John and Suzie corner Max only he wasn’t as stupid as they thought.

Okay, he but he had a plan that required him entering the Fun Faire.

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