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Unlike the previous tombs on this list, you can actually venture inside.The bottom right photo shows the view from the entrance into the chambers within.This front stone is also suggested to be the backdrop for burial rituals that will have occurred before the dead were taken inside.During the 1000 years that the burial mound was in use, a popular type of ritual was in use known as the sky burial.It is believed that the stones originally touched each other, forming a perfect continuous circle.Archaeologists uncovered evidence of burnings within the circle itself; perhaps this is indicative of ancient feasting or sacrificial rituals that may have occurred within.Little is known about the stones themselves, other than that they are crafted from very tough granite.

Dating to 3600 BC, it is over 400 years older than Stonehenge.The large capstone on the top of the standing stones weighs a monstrous 13.5 tons; just maneuvering it would have required the help of dozens of men.Men-an-tol literally means “the hole stone” in the original Cornish tongue.It is suggested that the circular stone was the entrance to an ancient tomb, or perhaps part of a calendar.

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These stones have existed here since the Neolithic, however they may have been moved by a local farmer after freak weather knocked some of them over.Archaeologists believe that the bodies of the deceased were laid out on, or nearby, the burial bound itself.Once stripped by the elements, the individual bones were conveyed inside and sealed up.The O stone was considered a cure for all ailments, and was used in healing rituals where children were passed through the circular stone to cure diseases.

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