Updating awstats

16-Jan-2020 21:12

AWStats is one of the most popular tools for generating web site statistics from server logs, and it's also the one I have selected as a replacement for Google Analytics.

In spite of its extensive documentation, I've hit a couple of stumbling blocks while setting it up in my environment.

There are a couple of distributions available for Windows. It's available as a standard MSI Installer package; which you only need to run with default settings.

If is available from command line after the installation, you can be sure it completed successfully.

You only need to unpack it to a location, where IIS has access it.

I've put it inside my log file format in IIS and include all the required fields, as shown in the following screenshot: If you have old log files you want to parse, now is the right time to do it.

As is often the case, I'm writing this blog post for future reference.

updating awstats-35

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You still need to setup a schedule for updating the statistics with new data.

CPAN can denote either the archive network itself, or the Perl program that acts as an interface to the network and as an automated software installer (somewhat like a package manager).

Most software on CPAN is free and open source software.

The next step is downloading the latest version of AWStats.

It's available in a couple of different formats, zip archive probably being the most handy of them in Windows.

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