Updating extensions conf Free local adds for ppl looking to hook up

19-Jul-2020 12:18

You have users that are in domains for example [email protected]

When freeswitch gets a register packet it looks for the user in the directory based on the from or to domain in the packet depending on how your sofia profile is configured.

Dialplans use pattern matching and other tricks to determine how to handle a call.

My dialplan examines what I've dialed and then determines what profile to use with that call.

When Free SWITCH starts, it reads the conf/autoload_configs/xml file.

That file contains a "X-PRE-PROCESS" directive which instructs Free SWITCH to subsequently load and merge any conf/sip_profiles/*files.

The domains inside the XML registry are completely different from the domains on the internet and again completely different from domains in sip packets.Out of the box the default domain will be the IP address of the machine running Free SWITCH.This IP can be found by typing "sofia status" at the CLI.Sofia is a Free SWITCH module (i.e., mod_sofia) that provides SIP connectivity to and from Free SWITCH in the form of a User Agent.

A "User Agent" ("UA") is an application used for handling a certain network protocol, and a Sofia UA is the same thing but the network protocol in Sofia's case is SIP.To add a SIP Provider (Sofia User Agent) to your Free SWITCH, please see SIP Provider Examples and, as directed therein, add the SIP Provider information in a *file stored under conf/sip_profiles/ .A "User Agent" ("UA") is an application used for running a certain network protocol, and a Sofia UA is the same thing but the protocol in that case is SIP.Then you would use the domain name in the client instead of the IP address to register with Free SWITCH.

Use the EB CLI config command to change environment configuration settings. The filename must have the file extension yml. To specify the file name without a path, you can. When you save changes to the file and close the editor, the environment is updated with the option settings in the file. If the command runs.… continue reading »

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