Updating social security card

01-Jun-2020 11:07

You can connect a list to a specific keyword or to several keywords.Friends that are found with that keyword will be added to the list of your choice after you approve them.You explicitly grant our application limited access only for what we need to do, and revoking that access is easily done from your Facebook account. Our application uses secure Pinterest technology, as provided by Pinterest, to perform the tasks you request on your account.You explicitly grant our application limited access only for what we need to do.You can also tell us to filter out any username that contains certain text or character strings, which you define.

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With our tweet purge you can delete all the tweets currently on your Twitter account, and start over with a clean slate.

Enter your keywords and we will search for Twitter users who tweet about those topics and present them to you so that you can decide whether you want to follow them or not.

Meaning, you approve the specific From -- To path, and only you and the owner of the From address know the fact that the path is approved.

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Anyone else's emails to the To address are ignored.For example, you could define a keyword of "@yourusername" (which will find people who mention you) and create a private list called "Mentioned Me", which you connect to that keyword.Friend Finder will then add the people who mention you to your Mentioned Me list.If she sends an email from [email protected] [email protected], the email will be published as a social update to your Twitter account and will be tagged with ^Mary M.