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I don’t want them to have a bitter, twisted mother who’s always harping back to what she used to have.’In truth, Victoria has discovered an astonishing strength of character in the past four years that has surprised even her.

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Victoria is determined not to allow her disability to define her, though she admits: ‘It does make me self-conscious about myself physically.’The vibrant and articulate strawberry blonde has had love affairs since the accident, though not a day goes by that she doesn’t wish Nico were in her arms.‘I’d do anything to have him in my life but he’s not going to come back so I’ve got to make the most of the situation I’m in,’ she says.‘Weirdly, we used to talk about what I’d do if something happened to him.Nico had a very high-powered job while I ran the house and looked after the children.I’m always going to be upset that that’s been taken away from me, but I also have to lead by example with the children.Package price charged at confirmation of purchase to i Tunes Account.

the pair began dating last summer before they even began filming the historical drama, with a source telling the paper: "They've been together for months, on and off since last summer.

I quite like it, although horse riding in a corset is something new!