What is post dating

13-Mar-2020 23:59

Postmarks may be applied by hand or by machines, using methods such as rollers or inkjets, while digital postmarks are a recent innovation.The local post Hawai'i Post had a rubber-stamp postmark, parts of which were hand-painted.The postmark is often considered as an official confirmation that a cover (letter, packet, etc.) mailed item was mailed at a given location at a specific date.For example, the date of the postmark can be quite important.When the first universal postal system was started in the United Kingdom with its Penny Black, the postmark used red ink for contrast.This was not successful, and the stamp was changed to non-black colours so that the postmark could use black ink.

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Similar to this is the "censored postmark," overprinted with a black obliteration of the time and place of mailing for similar reasons.This was used in conjunction with a date stamp which was applied, usually to the rear of the letter, which denoted the date of posting.Different types of postmarks include railway post offices ("RPOs") and maritime (on-board ship) postmarks.The postmarks bore the initial of the particular post office or handling house it was sent from along with a separate time stamp.

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