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The publisher is in the process of preparing a new three-book contract, which will get back to the routine of two books a year.

Mya Marie Harrison was born on October 10, 1979 in Washington, D. to an accountant mother named Theresa and a musician father named Sherman Harrison.

The jolly teen attracted the attention of Broadway choreographer, Savion Glover, that she quickly became his favorite student.

Mya would later on got the first job that she liked and good at, dance instructor.

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During their appearance, they reveal who stole what from the set after the last day of filming.

Long story short, Mya was signed to the label when she was only 18 years old.

Assisted by Dru Hill, Babyface, Dianne Warren and several other renown musicians, the young and energetic singer recorded her first album which she decided to call after her name.

Her tap-dancing skills led to an opportunity to study with one of the best-known tap dancers in the country, Savion Glover of the Dance Theater of Harlem, when he came to Washington DC for a workshop.

Glover later chose Mýa for a solo spot in a dance performance at the Kennedy Center During her childhood, Mýa sometimes had to endure insensitive comments about her ethnic background, but her accomplishments as a dancer helped her make the transition into adolescence and deal with its peer pressure.

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