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07-Jun-2020 19:15

At the time, her accusations didn't sit well with a lot of her cast members, particularly rapper Rasheeda who's close to Memphitz and Toya.

Meanwhile, Memphitz filed a defamation lawsuit against Michelle, Mona Scott-Young, her Monami Entertainment company, Viacom and VH1.

is about her stint with Elba, including her hit single, "Maybe I Should Call." "There was a situation.

He has a child and I'm not going to get in the way of that.

Michelle says that there are no hard feelings between her and her former lover.

"Through it all, he has remained a gentleman," she said.

So far, there's been no comment from Michelle or Mona.

I felt like that would have been going backwards…to go on a show and be going back and forth with your ex.

Michelle have had a long and messy history of feuding with each over their mutual ex, Memphitz. Michelle told the world that Memphitz abused her in their previous relationship and the two women ended up beefing after Wright accused K. But after Wright and her husband ended up splitting, it seemed like Wright and K. However, hopes for peace were dashed when the two women ended up bashing each other again recently.

Now, Wright has opened up about her never-ending feud with K. We were both given a platform and to use it in that way to kind of bash each other and go back and forth, I thought it was unnecessary,” Wright said. Michelle’s accusations that Memphitz was verbally and physically abusive to her during their relationship.

Michelle who famously claimed that he was physically abusive to her, is now reacting to the videos in a surprisingly mature way.

After fans started tweeting that they now believe K’s abuse allegations… Michelle, which included them blasting each other online earlier this month after Wright posted an image for the cover of her new book, . I think she’s a very beautiful girl, very talented. Wright claims that she doesn’t want any troubles with K. Michelle is the one constantly instigating their beef. The whole social media thing came about because I just felt like I was being picked on and I ignored it time and time again. You can’t get upset with me for supporting someone that I’m married to. I never said ‘you are lying’ because I mean, it’s not my business and it’s still not and it has nothing to do with me,” Wright explained. Michelle isn’t the only one who has problems with Wright.